Marketing Festival 2021

23rd - 24th September 2021



Tough times ahead
for marketers and advertisers.

In a world where our work is often seen as an expense to be minimised rather than an essential tool for growth, it's a good idea to learn from the smartest and most successful marketers out there.

… But there’s a problem.

Online conferences (mostly) suck.

Let's face it – more time spent staring through someone’s webcam doesn't sound so tempting these days.

We've got a better way though.

Just like last year, we’ll travel the world
with a professional crew
and film all our lectures
in stunning 4K with great sound.

Is that a hell of a lot more expensive than just doing the whole thing on Zoom? You bet.
… But it makes the lectures so much more enjoyable and informative!
Pretty worth it in our book.

The Lineup

Even though organising events in pandemic is a nightmare,
our main goal remains quite simple – to bring you the very best
practitioners of marketing and advertising the world has to offer.

We are very proud to present you what we believe is
our greatest lineup so far.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in welcoming the speakers of the next Marketing Festival!

Mark Ritson

Mark Ritson

Professor of Marketing

I mean, what is there to say? At this moment, there is no greater marketing superstar than the sweary Professor. After delivering the top-rated Festival talk of all time in 2019, it is an immense honor for us that we can welcome him to our lineup again, with another exclusive lecture and a live moderated Q&A session. A must-see for every marketer eager to up their game!

Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman | Ogilvy Group

Another big name that has eluded us for years. It’s not difficult to make the case that Ogilvy’s legendary Vice Chairman is one of the most influential thinkers in the world of marketing and advertising – just try and count how many times his work was referenced in last year’s lectures. He is a master of both practical and broad-reaching lectures and we cannot wait to see this one!

Dr Helen Edwards

Dr Helen Edwards

Director | Passionbrand

Helen is a seasoned brand consultant and author. Her experience includes working with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Avon, BBC Worldwide and even several VC-backed startups. She is a true expert on how to build brands that people actually connect with – without all the esoteric nonsense.

Simon Peel

Simon Peel


Of all the people we get asked to bring to the Festival, big brand CMOs and heads of marketing always rank highest. But there’s a bit of a problem – they often can’t (or won’t) say much at all. Simon is an incredible exception – he likes to talk candidly about his experience at one of the world’s most influential brands and will offer his perspective on how to overcome structural problems that businesses small and large are facing today. His focus will especially be on “the plague of short-termism” and how our bias towards short-term drives an erosive culture in advertising. It’s an incredible honor to be able to welcome him to our lineup!

Karen Nelson Field

Karen Nelson Field


We could often benefit from rigorous, empirical evidence of how people interact with digital ads – and how we can improve their effectiveness – but there’s still a tremendous shortage of truly robust data. That’s where Prof. Nelson-Field’s work comes in. Her institute produces some of the most important and interesting data on the stark reality of human attention processing in advertising, what it will take for businesses to win in an attention economy, the advertising myths we need to leave behind and the scientific evidence we can use to navigate a complex advertising and media ecosystem.

Richard Shotton

JP Castlin

Independent strategy consultant

Strategy is a word that gets thrown about a lot in our line of work and it’s a very good idea to be periodically reminded of what it is not. As one of the most interesting speakers on strategy and complexity out there, JP will offer a critical look at some of the industry dogma and traditional modes of thinking and also present a different perspective on how to solve complex business problems. According to Rory Sutherland, JP is ‘sensationally good’ and we can’t wait for you to see his lecture.

Dr Grace Kite

Richard Shotton


Richard’s talk at last year’s online Festival was such a hit that we had to bring him on board again for 2021. His specialty is applying findings from behavioural science into business and marketing, which resulted in his hugely successful book called The Choice Factory. Richard's work is a brilliant resource for people who are willing to admit that marketing has more to do with a deep understanding of human nature, not just a relentless focus on numbers and technology.

Tom Roach

Dr Grace Kite


Grace is an experienced business economist and a big proponent of econometric / market mix modelling to answer the million dollar question – how do we prove our marketing & advertising impacts sales? She strives at all times to produce research that’s easy to understand, trust and use – a refreshing counterpart to industry’s often convoluted metrics and dashboards. Her work has also led to twelve IPA Effectiveness award winners plus a Cannes Grand Prix. Together with Tom Roach, they will build upon the teachings of Binet & Field, poke some of the most established industry clichés with a stick and offer a refreshing perspective on how to measure the impact of our work.

Dr Grace Kite

Tom Roach


“Tom is a unique individual because he is an expert in effectiveness but uses it to help brands be more creative rather than be inhibited because of it”. That’s a quote from Colenso BBDO’s Head of Strategy, Rob Campbell and that’s saying something. With 20+ years’ experience in some of the world’s best communications agencies, Tom is one of the most awarded advertising strategists in the world, with multiple Gold IPA Effectiveness awards to his name.

James Hankins

James Hankins


James is a highly acclaimed award-winning strategist and co-author of the new Share of Search metric that he created together with the legendary Les Binet. They claim it’s a remarkably accurate proxy for complex market research and we’re delighted that James will join this year’s Festival both with a masterclass on how to best approach SoS and also with a live Q&A session addressing any questions from the audience.

Graeme Murray

Graeme Murray

Brand Strategist, Host of 2021’s Festival

We’re extremely thrilled that this time around, the Festival will be hosted by a man who has directly worked with some of our speakers. Graeme has amassed 26 years of experience in the worlds of marketing communications and brand planning working at several direct marketing and advertising agencies such as TBWA, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy or Bates. Get ready for some properly deep Q&As!

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What's in the ticket



At least nine beautifully filmed lectures by brilliant speakers, streamed to you on 23rd & 24th September.



Live moderated sessions with selected speakers where you'll be able to ask all the questions we might've missed.



All lectures will be available to you indefinitely, in full 4K resolution.



It's not a Festival without a party. After the event's over, we'll meet up in an outdoor venue in Prague and – hopefully – celebrate the end of this crazy era! 1 ticket = 1 party pass.


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